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Red Velvet’s pastry pros source the finest ingredients from local suppliers. These hard-to-find specialty
items amp up the flavor and promise consistently delicious results.

Chocolate & Cocoa Powder: Valrhona

Gourmet pastry chefs rely on Valrhona to make sumptuous chocolate desserts. Since 1922, the French company has been devoted to crafting intense, velvety flavors from the finest cocoa beans.

Balthazar Bakery: Brioche bread

For nearly 20 years, New Yorkers have thronged Balthazar for its superb baguettes, croissants, and buttery brioche, made from scratch daily. Those unwilling to wait in line at the Soho brasserie find the baked goods at white-linen restaurants and fine grocers citywide.

Bartlett Dairy: Milks, Creams, & Butters

Bartlett gets its hormone-free raw milk from farms in Pennsylvania and upstate New York. Based in Queens, NY, the family-owned distributor ensures that we get the fresh cream and butter essential for rich pastries.

Wricley Nuts: Nuts & Nut Flours

Based in Philadelphia since 1955, Wricley Nuts specializes in nuts, nut flours, and nut butters. The family-run wholesaler even roasts its own nuts, all the better for topping off your pecan torte.

Bonne Maman: Honey & Jams

If Bonne Maman preserves and jellies taste homemade, it’s because their natural ingredients could be found in your grandmother’s cupboard. Produced in France, they have no preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.

White Toque: Juices

White Toque imports specialty foods from Europe, so American cooks can reach for the same products they might in France. Pâtissiers love the company's Mediterannean blood orange juice for its sunny zing.

G.A.F. Seelig: Purees

G.A.F. Seelig has brought gourmet ingredients to top New York kitchens since 1871. Run by the founder’s great-great grandson, it delivers everything from cheese to (our favorite) fruit purees.

Virginia Dare: Vanilla Extract

Virginia Dare works with farmers in Madagascar to get sustainable beans for its aromatic vanilla extract, crucial for good cakes. Founded in 1835, the Brooklyn-based company is a trusted source for thousands of flavors and concentrates.

Sal Martino: Italian Espresso & Lady Fingers

This small Philadelphia distributor imports fine Italian products like hard-to-find coffees.