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Where does Red Velvet NYC deliver?

We are now a National company! We deliver throughout the Continental USA. Thanks for all your support in helping us get there!

How does delivery work?

We deliver our perishable shipments via FedEx Tuesday through Saturday. At check-out, recipients select their desired delivery date. Orders can be placed days, weeks or months in advance for convenient planning! *This does not apply to Subscriptions, which deliver the 1st Thursday of every month. 

What do I receive in my Red Velvet NYC baking kit?

We ship you all the pre-measured ingredients you need to bake the dessert(s) you have ordered. That's right - everything has been pre-measured for you! However, we do not include eggs, a fragile pantry staple.

Why aren’t there eggs in my Red Velvet baking kit?

Federal regulations make it illegal to ship eggs across state lines unless you are a commercial poultry facility. Unfortunately, the NPIP's (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certification does not make exceptions for cake.

How long will the ingredients in my Red Velvet baking kit last?

For best results, we recommend that your kit be used within the first 48 hours of delivery, but ingredients will keep for up to a week or more. There is a "best by" label on any perishable ingredients that will help guide you for usage.

How are the perishable ingredients kept cool during transit with PeriShip?

Read about shipping on our Shipping Policy page.

Where can I find a recipe including ingredient quantities?

All our recipes are online, and even list the exact measurements for each ingredient. We don't include this on recipe cards, as we want our bakers to get right to the fun part (without being tempted to measure ingredients again)! Found in the footer of the website, all our recipes are here.

What else will I need to make a dessert?

Every dessert comes with a list of what tools you need to make it. Many items are available from our online Boutique.

Is our facility nut free?

No, we are not nut free! We use all different types of nuts and nut flours, including peanuts. We are extremely careful not to cross-contaminate, however we CANNOT make any guarantees. We do not manufacture the nut flours or nuts we provide in our baking kits. If you have an allergy or are purchasing for someone with a nut allergy, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that there are not trace amounts of nuts in any baking kit. We are NOT a nut free facility.

How do gifts work?

Any baking kit can be gifted by selecting "gift" at check-out. Personalized messages can be included with any gift. Gift cards are also available for purchase, delivered via e-mail. We recommend that you alert your gift recipient that they will be receiving a lovely and perishable package on their doorstep.